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Event Planning

Planning any event, whether your dream wedding, party, or corporate event can be overwhelming and stressful. We believe everyone deserves to have a fun, organized, stress-free, and memorable experience from start to finish.


Floral Design

We believe everyone deserves stunning floral designs and work with you to create a unique style that fits you and your vision.  We specialize in large scale events and weddings.

What every jme client receives


Feel 100% knowing that your Certified/Master Certified

Planner has your back from start to finish.

Have a question, need recommendations, felling overwhelmed?  Relax, knowing that your planner is here for you to

ensure your event go smoothly.


Each couple receives full access to our Event Planning Software.  You get access to checklists, guest lists, budgeting

design studio, a free website, and more, so you can 

work together with your planner to ensure every detail is taken care of.  Plus it gives you the added benefit of keeping everything in one place.


We know there are tons of options out there and that this gets

overwhelming to say the least.  That is why we have vetted the best of

the best.  You receive access to our preferred partners to

assist you in making the decision for who to hire 

easy and effortless.  You know when choosing from this list you are

getting a professional that will treat you like you deserve.   


Once you decide to move forward with us we will schedule a meeting to get to know each other better, go over your collection, and important tools.  We will also be going over your planning details, reviewing your checklist, and creating a realistic timeline so your planning goes as smoothly as possible.  


Checklists for each major category to help facilitate your planning, by providing you with the information you need.  Stay on track, know what to ask, and what to look for when searching for your prefect team.  Depending on your chosen collection you will have all the necessary tools to plan your event seamlessly, or let us do it 

for you.


Rest assured knowing that we have your back and will handle all of the

details to ensure your event is just as you have envisioned.  We

keep everything, and everyone on track so nothing is missed.  

Feel safe, feel confident, and above all else relax and enjoy your time with your friends, family, and guests!

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